This program is based on some work I did many years ago back when I still had the time and inclination to play video games. I hadn't gotten around to turning it into something suitable for public consumption, and I've always considered the potential user base to be minuscule (nil it turns out), so it was never publicly released.

Sometime around 2016(?) I decided to rework it into something more presentable as part of a failed program to clear out a few unreleased projects.


This software is a command-line program (*) capable of creating a stand-alone DOL file from the contents of the USA Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc (SUD).

(*) Wait! Come back! I've also created an interactive batch file to aid some of you!

Said DOL can be loaded directly into the GC's memory and executed, providing the same core functionality as the SUD along with additional features and improvements.


With this software, you can...

  • Reduce, greatly reduce, or eliminate the jerky animation plaguing the GBP
  • Reduce image distortion
  • Reduce latency
  • Remap the controller buttons
  • Remove unnecessary screen elements
  • Remove rumble
    While not officially supported, it is also possible to modify the frame graphics.

    Some features may not be compatible with your setup or are disabled by default.

    Mandatory Files

    main program

    Recommended Files

    Extraction Pack
    Optional Files
    Dollz - a DOL compressor (external link)
    SHA-1: dollz3.exe 5e880eafadbba280ab320196e29a732da652e0f8

    Customization Pack - This package would have aided you in editing the graphics for the built-in frames (borders) as demonstrated on this page, but it was canceled due to a bug in wszst that partially corrupts the graphics in certain situations. I sent an inquiry to the author about this, including samples that demonstrate the problem, but never got a reply so that was the end of that.

    Unnecessary Files
    This is the source code for wit/wszst which are included with some of the packages I provide. You don't need this; I'm required by GPL 2.0 to make it available. You can also check for newer versions and get the full packages here and here, but those are superfluous for our purposes and could potentially introduce compatibility problems as no other versions have been tested.

    Select Your Preferred Difficulty Level

    Instructions for Linux Users
  • Use wine.
    Instructions for GameCube Experts
  • Download the program and read the documentation.
    Instructions for the Competent
  • Download the extraction pack and follow the directions.
  • Download the main program and read the documentation.
  • Experiment with the options to optimize your experience.
    Instructions for Beginners

    This procedure will create a DOL file containing enhanced GBP start-up software. While you won't be able to get the full experience without it, you needn't fear the command line as long as you can follow instructions.

    Make sure you are confident in your capacity to execute DOL files on the appropriate hardware before you begin. I have created a brief description of what I believe to be the simplest/cheapest method in a file called "Generic DOL Loading.txt" included with the main program.

  • Procure an image file of the USA GBP start-up disc. It goes without saying that you should do this in compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction, notably copyright laws.
  • If the disc image is in an archive file (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc.) you need to extract it (i.e. unzip it for .zip files). Always keep the original files!
  • Download the extraction pack and unzip it. One way to extract the files from .zip archives is by right clicking the .zip file and selecting the appropriate context menu item.
  • Put the disc image in the unzipped extraction pack folder (from the previous step).
  • Run (double click) the "Extract Disc" batch file. You will be informed if something went wrong.
  • Download the main program and unzip it into the same folder as the extraction pack.
  • Run the "Wizard" batch file and follow the directions.

    Assuming the above succeeded, you now need to load the DOL file you just created on a real GameCube augmented with a Game Boy Player. Basic instructions are included with the main program in a file called "Generic DOL Loading.txt".

    Once you've had some success using the "Wizard", perhaps you will have the courage to experiment with different options using the command line interface.

  • Run the "Command Interpreter" batch file.
  • Enter the name of the program followed by the options you want. Read the documentation for more information and examples.

    If you are having difficulty, and also patience, you may email me for assistance.

    To make samples of custom tiled borders, I went old-school.

    This is "Gone Fishing" from Windows XP, copyright Microsoft Corporation.

    And here's "Bubbles" from Windows 98, copyright Microsoft Corporation.