Mugen Senshi Valis II (X68000 version) English Translation Patch

Mugen Senshi Valis II / Fantasm Soldier Valis II by Renovation / Wolf Team / Laser Soft / Telenet, for the Sharp X68000.

Everything about this game is great... except the game. The music, graphics, voice acting, and cinematics are all of high quality, but the gameplay is poor. You'd be much better off playing the Genesis remake of the original Valis, which, while not a sterling example of great gaming, is at least comfortable to play. It also has one of the best visual scenes in any Genesis game. So go play Valis I for the Genesis, if only to better understand the plot for this game, which is also quite good (the plot not the game).

But enough about this game's predecessor. If you can look past the clunky gameplay, you should find the other elements of the game to be rewarding. It is definitely the best version of Valis II available... unless you consider the SD Valis / Syd of Valis reinterpretation of it for the Genesis, which again has superior gameplay, but lacks the drama that brought some of the other games out of obscurity. But enough about this game's alter ego.

Syd of Valis (AKA SD Valis)
The ice cream cone is about to transform...

If all that hasn't scared you off yet, maybe this will:

Content Warning: This game contains (brief) GRATUITOUS (partial) NUDITY, a surefire way to boost sales for a weak product. Don't let that pique your interest, however, or you will be sorely disappointed after slogging through this game. There is also some gore, language, and suggestive themes, all fairly mild however. This game would definitely merit at least a Teen rating in our modern, industry-standard rating system.

In summary: the Genesis games are better, but this one is worth a look too. No seriously, a tremendous amount of work went into this production; it is one of the best translations on this site.


Mugen Senshi Valis II Jap-Eng Translation.zip

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