Floppy Disk Preservation


It is with great shame that we must disclose the removal of a hash for an X68000-bootable doujin CG collection disk image. It was recently rechecked and found to have PC-98 MS-DOS installed (as opposed to placeholder files) by a previous owner. Therefore, being modified, it does not qualify for inclusion in the hash lists and its entry was expunged. This is the first time this has happened.

(Regarding the disk's contents, please do not let curiosity get the better of you: it's merely disgusting garbage backed by the usual cookie-cutter, multi-platform freeware. Thousands of these CG collections were churned out back in the day.)

Active Projects

Jouyou X68000 / Jōyō X68000 / 常用X68000 (hashes for the masses)

Pristine X68000 / 純X68000 (hashes for the classes)

Floppy Archival Project (low-level disk imaging, scanning of paper materials)



File format proposals (it's technical)

Miscellaneous edifying material


  • Pristineness

    Images should be preserved in their original, unmodified form.

  • Reproducibility

    Images should be in a form that can be consistently reproduced. Any solution that produces inconsistent end products every time the source medium is dumped is unacceptable.

  • Anti-counterfeiting

    We want to make counterfeiting as difficult as practical without interfering with the primary goal of preservation.


  • Publish hashes

    This is not a piracy operation.

  • Preserve original media

    All hashes published will be based on dumps from original media. Measures will be taken to prevent improperly sourced or counterfeit material from being used.

  • Verify that the resulting images are correct and pristine

    Due to the nature of the medium, there are limitations as to how certain we can be. Confidence scores are used to reduce the likelihood of publishing defective or non-pristine image hashes.

    As part of the analysis process, copy protections are also checked and verified.

  • Improve floppy drive emulation through research

    X68000 Preservation Hall of Fame

    (listed roughly in order of activity)

    Pennywise & Peter Barnard
    Rich "MajorPBX" Kowalski

    ...and others who declined to be listed


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    (3) preservation

    We pledge a 100% response rate to all relevant initial inquiries. If for some reason you have not received a reply, please resend it or try a different method of communication until you do.

    If email is too burdensome, @Artemio on Twitter is another avenue for getting in touch. Note that this account is not a news feed for this project.

    "Collectors Wanted"