Pulseman English Translation Patch

Pulseman was developed by Game Freak for the Mega Drive and was published by Sega. It is probably one of the best platformers of all time, but is sadly not well known, as it was never published outside of Japan, and was released late in the console's life. Good action is combined with a high quality of production to produce a unique game that is both challenging and fun. It is also fairly long, normally requiring over two hours of play time to complete, putting it in the same category as Ristar. It can also be very difficult at times, especially if you don't fully understand Pulseman's moves.

Unfortunately, the game itself barely scratches the surface of the plot and characters that were designed for this production. Fortunately, a large portion of the information from the instruction booklet is available at this Pulseman fan site.


Pulseman Jap-Eng Translation.zip


Notice the expanded text area
Original, note the misspelling
Some stuff had to be moved to fit in the correct spelling