Shinobi III Enhancement Hack

This is an enhancement patch for the American version of Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master.

One of the biggest features this patch provides is the ability to emulate a "no-shuriken mode" as used in Shadow Dancer. You can lock and unlock the ability to throw shuriken in the pause menu at any time. In addition to adding interest to an already excellent game, this feature makes it much easier to get the more elusive bonuses.

Other major features include six-button-controller support and more flexible Hassou Shuriken (depicted in some of the screen shots below.)

  • Region lockout disabled
  • Resetting the game no longer disrupts the display
  • Sega logo can now be skipped by pressing Start
  • Minor textual changes, ambiguities removed, nonstandard spellings corrected
  • Shuriken lock option added to pause window (press up/down)
  • Shuriken burst now respects the actual number of shuriken remaining
  • Shuriken burst now configurable
  • Ninjutsu selection no longer blocked when out of ninjutsu
  • A couple of sound effects were put back into the options mode
  • Character Editor reinstated, albeit with a different activation mechanism
  • A real soft-reset feature was added to the Character Editor
  • Six-button controller support enabled
  • Added a code to raise the amount of shuriken allowed in-play simultaneously
  • A fix was added to emulate the European version when in PAL mode


    Shinobi III Enhancement.zip

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