11/6/08 Patch updated
12/11/09 Minor patch update
6/26/10 Minor patch update
5/27/11 Minor patch update
7/1/11 Minor patch update
7/14/11 Correct patch file uploaded this time.

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Langrisser II English Translation Patch
by M.I.J.E.T.

This is a translation patch for the Mega Drive game Langrisser II. It is the sequel to Langrisser (known as Warsong in the USA) by Masaya. As usual, it is a "dual-language" patch, meaning that it is capable of displaying the original Japanese script in addition to the English translation, depending on the country code of your machine.

It is loosely based on the older Hiryuu Honyaku / Warui Toransu translation. A few improvements to their original work were made by D et al. before he passed it off to M.I.J.E.T. Aside from the script and a few graphics, almost nothing was taken from the old release. The hacking was completely redone from scratch and is far superior. The script was almost entirely rewritten, edited, and type-set, with quite a bit of it retranslated. If you shied away from the older release, you may find that this version meets your standards.

Language warning! It's fairly mild, there's just a lot of it.


06.Nov.08 Patch updated to version 081106, please expunge older copies.
Ending improved, variable-height windows, other enhancements. (Updates not reflected in screen shots.)

11.Dec.09 Minor patch update to version 091211, please expunge older copies.

26.Jun.10 Minor patch update to version 100626, please expunge older copies.
This fixes the points-remaining display in the shop whenever you buy/sell something.
How did I miss this? Why did it take almost two years for someone to report this?

27.May.11 Minor patch update to version 110527, please expunge older copies.
Masaya was considerate enough to prohibit the user from giving the hero a name used
elsewhere in the game. For example, you cannot name the hero Pirate, Werewolf, or Scott.
Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of this feature and it didn't work properly. But you're safe now,
as long as you're using the latest patch.

1.Jul.11 Minor patch update to version 110701, please expunge older copies.


Langrisser II Jap-Eng Translation.zip (includes IPS file and the readme)
MIJETpatch.zip You can use this to apply all MIJET patches, but make sure that you download the IPS file too. Also, always download the latest version (it is updated every time a new patch is released) or it won't work.