8/9/07 Patch updated
12/13/08 Patch updated
7/10/10 Patch updated

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Phantasy Star II: Kinds's Adventure English Translation Patch
by M.I.J.E.T.

"Wanted to be a mechanic but broke whatever he tried to fix; decided to make that his job."

Commonly referred to as the "Blade Runner" of very short text adventures, it is no surprise that this game typically receives the highest acclaim of any entry in the series. If you only play one of these games, make it Kinds's Adventure.


7.Jun.07 Initial release (version 070607)
9.Aug.07 Patch updated to version 070805
12.Dec.08 Major overhaul (version 081213)
10.Jul.10 One step closer to perfection (version 100710)

Please expunge older copies!


Kinds's Adventure Jap-Eng Translation.zip (includes IPS file and the readme)
MIJETpatch.zip You can use this to apply all MIJET patches, but make sure that you download the IPS file too!
Also, always download the latest version (it is updated every time a new patch is released) or it won't work.

Special thanks to Guest.