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Silviana English Translation Patch
by M.I.J.E.T.

This is a translation patch for the game Silviana by Pack-in Video. It's a fun little disk-based action-RPG for the MSX2 similar to the Ys series.


Silviana Jap-Eng Translation.zip (includes IPS file and the readme)
MIJETpatch.zip You can use this to apply all MIJET patches, but make sure that you download the IPS file too. Also, always download the latest version (it is updated every time a new patch is released) or it won't work.

Since few will ever finish this game (or even play it, I'm sad to say) I might as well present some screen shots from the ending that showcase a pretty good line. It's probably the best bit I've ever written, er, translated.

I don't know how well it fares out of context like this, but here you go: Last line in Silviana