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Twinkle Tale English Translation Patch
by M.I.J.E.T.

Twinkle Tale was one of those Mega Drive shooters that never made it out of Japan. It was developed by Wonder Amusement Studio and published by Toyo Recording. It's got great graphics and eight expansive levels, but is somewhat difficult and can be frustrating at times. It's also got some decent dialogue in places, hence this translation...

And yes, it does have flying squirrels.


This is a complete English translation of the Mega Drive game Twinkle Tale. The new feature this time is the addition of kerning to the variable-width font engine seen (well, probably not yet) in a previous translation patch.

As usual, this is a "dual-language" patch, meaning that it supports both Japanese and English. See the included readme file for more details.

It should be compatible with all known Twinkle Tale ROM images.


Twinkle Tale Jap-Eng Translation.zip (includes IPS file and the readme)
MIJETpatch.zip You can use this to apply all MIJET patches, but make sure that you download the IPS file too! Also, always download the latest version (it is updated every time a new patch is released) or it won't work!


Original text sprites
Enlarged and moved
This is what it looks like in "TV Mode"
Notice the black lines have blurred into a translucency effect

Here we see that not all emulators are created equal