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ZugyA English Translation Patch
by M.I.J.E.T.

ZugyA is an X68000 shooter developed by Sprite. It's based on a little-known game called Bosconian and it's a real blast to play. Take on the role of a mobile-suit pilot and destroy space fortresses in a free-scrolling environment. A few stages of ZugyA is very refreshing for shooter doldrums. Please note that beating the game is not intended to be the impetus for playing it.

If you don't want to bother with getting an X68000 emulator up and running or messing around with patches, try the deluxe ZugyA DX PC Version (no installation required, works on Windows 98 and above). All incarnations of this game are mostly in English and are completely playable without being patched, so give this game a try; it's really worth it.


ZugyA Jap-Eng Translation.zip (includes IPS file and the readme)
ZugyA disk image Ready to be patched.
MIJETpatch.zip You can use this to apply all MIJET patches, but make sure that you download the IPS file too. Always download the latest version (it is updated every time a new patch is released) or it won't work.

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